BREAKING: Trump Issues TERRIFYING Warning to North Korea. Warn Your Friends.

Trump is taking action against the despotic regime of North Korea that Obama allowed to fester. He’s keeping to his word and doing everything to make America safe again.

President Trump has issued his last warning to North Korean leaders and the communist Chinese government that is protecting them. He told reporters, “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will,” via The Daily Caller.

President Trump is scheduled to meet with Xi Jingping, the Chinese president, later this week at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. This is the first time that the two presidents will meet. They will discuss everything from trade to the looming threat of nuclear destruction.

The meeting will be used to pressure the Chinese government into action, but if that fails, we are prepared to act alone.

The White House considers North Korea to be the largest threat facing our nation and our close allies Japan and South Korea. North Korea is becoming more worrisome by the day as they continue to develop long range nuclear weapons.

North Korea has become more aggressive in recent months. They have undertaken multiple missile tests since Trump was elected president. It is estimated that North Korea will have the technology to attack the United States directly by the end of Trump’s first term.

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In February, North Korea confirmed that they have been successful in the invention and testing of a new ballistic missile. The missile can be attached to a motor vehicle and is capable of reaching U.S. Military outposts located in Japan.

The North is also continuing its development of rocket propelled nuclear weapons. We have monitored multiple tests of rocket engines and thrusters as well as increased activity around a location known to be used as a nuclear test facility.

President Trump has stated multiple times he will not make his national security decisions public, so it is unclear exactly how we would respond if China fails to punish its neighbors. The threat of American intervention in their own backyard should be enough to propel the communist Chinese into action.

If China fails to clean up its own mess, then our response could range from sanctions to direct military intervention. Perhaps we would conduct airstrikes to target the nuclear and weapons facilities while avoiding any harm to the starving population enslaved under Kim Jong-un.

We will only act in the region as a last resort, but we cannot sit back and let despots develop nuclear warheads without intervention. The president has vowed to use any means necessary to protect us and our allies, and we support him wholeheartedly.


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