BREAKING: What CNN Analyst Just Said About Trump Should Get Him Fired, Agree?

CNN continues to prove that they are the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

CNN’s so-called “terrorism expert,” Paul Cruikshank, rejected the claims of President Trump and British authorities claiming that the Manchester bombing was committed by a Muslim terrorist. Instead, in a jab to Trump and conservatives, he suggested it was committed by a RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST. (via US Defense Watch)

“In recent months, in Europe, there had been a number of false flag plots where right-wing extremists have attempted to frame Islamists,” explained Cruikshank, suggesting that the attack in Manchester was part of this trend.

The comment was made in the first few hours of coverage after the attack, before the name of the culprit had been released.

However, it was well-known at that time that it was a suicide bombing attack that utilized an improvised explosive device. Even Cruikshank acknowledged it was likely a terror attack before floating his conspiracy theory.

Cruikshank was referring to a recent false flag plot where a German soldier attempted to pose as a Syrian refugee before launching an attack at Vienna International Airport.

However, Cruikshank referred to “a number of false flag plots,” which is utterly untrue. There is only one known false flag attempt, and it was stopped before it began.

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Cruikshank was attempting to make it appear as if there is a trend of right-wing false flag attacks, while ignoring the obvious trend connecting Islam and international terrorism.

Liberals have backed themselves into a corner where they are forced to accept terror attacks as a part of modern society. With no intentions to slow Muslim immigration, and the firm belief that Muslims are merely misunderstood, the only option left is for liberals to get used to suicide bombers.

This is why media talking heads, such as Katy Kay, say terrifying things to the public in regards to terrorism.  Kay told MSNBC viewers that we must “get used to terror attacks because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out.” Liberals would rather see children targeted by nail bombs than admit they were wrong about Muslims.

We have the capabilities to utterly destroy ISIS and other terror groups, but the Muslim allies on MSNBC and CNN are preventing decisive action.

We have the military, resources, and cultural advantage over these stone-age societies, but we are prevented from defending ourselves out of the the deluded fear of being called “racist”.


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