BREAKING – What Obama Just Gave to Iran Should Lead to His Imprisonment

President Barack Obama is playing Santa Claus… to Iran! Obama leaves office in a just a few weeks, but until January 20, the current POTUS can still do a lot of damage to America!

Obama is allowing Boeing to sell IranAir 100 jets! According to Farhad Parveresh, the chairman of the Middle East nation’s flag carrier airline, a ten-year deal just inked with Boeing included the purchase of 50 OBeing 737 airliners.

Parveresh says that IranAir is also buying 30 of Boeing’s 777 planes. IranAir said it signed a deal on Sunday to buy 80 passenger planes from Boeing — well after Congress passed a law that seems to have been intended to ban such sales to Iran.

In November, the House of Representatives passed that bill, which was designed to stop the Treasury from handing out the licenses that banks need to give to finance any aircraft sale to Iran, Reuters reports. Obama’s deal works around this law.

This deal is not the first time the Obama administration has allowed a controversial purchase to occur between the United States and Iran.

In September, WRAL reported Boeing and Toulouse, a France-based Airbus, completed a deal to sell millions of dollars worth of aircraft to Iran.

Parts necessary for the production of the Airbus are derived in America. France mandated that the United States sign off on the manufacturing part of the deal before moving forward with the sell to Iran.

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Boeing signed a tentative agreement to sell IranAir 100 jets in June. The mainstream media gave the story little to no airtime. Boeing is based in Chicago, and it is the world’s largest aerospace company.

Boeing’s revenues are expected to increase to more than $96 billion this year, the National Review reports.

Allowing aircraft deals to move forward with Iran happened after Obama inked the extremely controversial nuclear deal with Iran late last year. As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Obama is also trying to push through the “resettlement” of 2,500 more Muslim refugees before he leaves office — the majority of the individuals were turned away from Australia, and many, if not most, of the individuals are from Iran.

It seems that Obama has developed quite a soft spot for the nation-state. Thankfully, President-Elect Trump will put a stop to this!

What do you think about the Boeing deal and Obama’s love affair with the Muslim country known to harbor radical Islamic terrorists?


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