BREAKING: Wisconsin governor takes HARDCORE action against Milwaukee rioters

The demonstrators in Ferguson in 2014/15 had at least the facts and truth to back their demonstrations, and while no hostile demonstrations are to be defended, the gunning down of Michael Brown at was at least doubtful in the beginning.

VIA Allen B. West

We were told he had his hands up in the air by several eye witnesses to the shooting, and had his back turned to officer Darren Wilson while he was shot. At Brown’s funeral, his cousin told a crowd of hundreds that he was spreading the word of Jesus Christ the day he was killed.

All three of those claims were later proven false – the last one laughably so (um, Jesus had quite a few things to say about theft and assault – no?)

Last night’s shooting in Milwaukee didn’t have circumstances that were murky in even the slightest way. Police shot and killed an armed suspect who was ordered multiple times to drop his weapon. Enough said. What were they supposed to do, just hope he didn’t open fire on them?

Despite the circumstances of the shooting, protestors have gone mad, burning businesses to the ground, lighting police cars on fire, and looting. During one such case of vandalism of a police vehicle, a brick was thrown through an officer’s window, striking him in the head.

Just hours ago, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke requested for the mobilization of the National Guard, and Gov. Scott Walker just delivered. USA Today just reported: Gov. Scott Walkeractivated the National Guard on Sunday to assist the Milwaukee Police Department upon request in the aftermath of violence in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood after a fatal police shooting.

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Walker said he activated the guard after a request from Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and conferring with Mayor Tom Barett and Major Gen. Donald Dunbar.

The development came as a sense of calm and order returned to the neighborhood Sunday morning after a night when businesses were torched, cars overturned and set ablaze and gunfire erupted following the fatal police shooting.

By mid-morning Sunday, the area near N. Sherman Blvd. and W. Burleigh St. was clogged with onlookers, in cars and on foot, but the area soon swelled with people showing up to clean up trash from the unrest the night before.

It is high time that the National Guard intervened with these commotions. After they’ve been completely suppressed and subdued the chances are they will never recover enough to wreak such chaos again.

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