BREAKING: Wisconsin Recount Announces A Massive Fraud!

Jill Stein’s effort for a recount keeps taking increasingly bizarre turns. As many of you are aware, the former Green Party presidential candidate has raised millions of dollars to fund a recount in key swing states that tilted the election towards Donald Trump.

The amount of money she claims to need has continuously been revised upward, and she went on record stating that any funds not used would be ending up in the pockets of the Green Party for future campaigns and recruitment. That gave the impression there’s more for her to gain from the recount than Hillary Clinton, and that was confirmed in Stein’s reaction to the Clinton camp being on board with the recount. She sent off a tirade of tweets directed at Hillary, the woman who we’re supposed to believe her recount is going to help.


Perhaps she was so dismissive to Hillary joining the effort because Stein’s motives are different. She’s raised twice as much money for her recount effort as she did for her own presidential campaign, and all the leftover funds from the recount will go to herself, so you do the math.

Not only that, the recount CAN’T change the results. She’s already missed the deadline for Pennsylvania, and as World Politics reported:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is doing a recount of the presidential votes. However, they refused to do a hand recount. The Commission is comprised of three Democrats and three Republicans. The recount plans were adopted unanimously. but rejected a request for a hand recount. The commission is made up of three Democrats and three Republicans. They were willing to adopt the recount plans.

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As The Gateway Pundit reports, a Wisconsin insider on 4Chan revealed that the recount may expose one of the hugest DNC fraud ever.

The Anonymous “insider” adds that the upcoming recount will reveal that outsiders and non-citizens voted in the state. The source also said that some people voted more than once, and reported possible nursing home violations. That’s awful.

Trump’s victory is getting bigger than ever.

Trump gained 27,506 votes in Wisconsin.

So, not only can the recount mathematically have no effect on the results of the election due to the number of electoral votes that would need to be flipped, the recount is actually INCREASING Trump’s lead in the popular vote.

Rather than reflect on what they did wrong this election, they’re trying to cry foul. If they keep this up, we’re going to be seeing eight years of Trump for sure.

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