BUSTED: Dem Senator Charged In Massive Bribery Scandal

Liberals are never going to learn that you cannot trick the system. It doesn’t matter who you know, where you come from, or what intentions you have — you WILL be caught!

Senator Nathaniel Thomas Oaks is no stranger to brushes with the law. According to Patch, he has already been convicted of theft and misconduct in office. Now, we can add a new charge to that list.  The Maryland official got himself into some trouble recently, this time involving a federal wire fraud scam. 

He was using his influence to help an undercover FBI officer get better contracts in a “minority-owned business.” After some back and forth exchanges between two agents, an official meeting was set up with Oaks.

They spoke at length on multiple occasions about the different “business” opportunities that were available for the right price. The group came to an agreement, and then money started exchanging hands. Oaks ending up scoring first — a $10,300 payout for helping get the agent established.

Later, Oaks was wired an additional $5,000 for filing a bond bill, wherein he requested $250,000 for the project, according to Fox Baltimore. Shady behavior likes this NEEDS TO STOP.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. People think that just because they are in positions of power, they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Oaks is about to learn the hard way — this isn’t the case.

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If you want to break the law AND put people who are trying to do things the right way at a disadvantage, you are going to need to pay the price. We need to quit playing games with these liberals. He needs to be arrested, and if convicted, he could face 20 years in prison. There is little to hide when your conversations with FBI officials were all recorded. We can’t wait to hear the verdict!

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how much political influence you have. You can only break the law for so long before someone catches on to your game. Personally, we bet the look on Oak’s face when he was caught was priceless. He knew right away that there was no denying the crimes. He was going to have to man up, and deal with his choices.

There needs to be a better system to ensure people like Oaks don’t continue to get away with this nonsense. How many times has this problem happened in the past? We can’t say for sure, and that is alarming. Liberal politicians have been betraying this country for years.

It’s time we put them in their place. President Trump is not going to deal with this kind of behavior. Once he finds out who is making these “back alley” deals, you can bet there WILL be a fitting punishment.

People like Oaks put personal gain before their country, and it’s not right (or fair) to everyone who IS playing by the rules. Thank goodness we have President Trump at the helm now.


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