Called It: Terrorists Issue Shock Statement About New York Times


Days after The New York Times allowed imprisoned Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti to publish a disturbing column touting his hunger strike in an Israeli prison, a major Palestinian figurehead praised the paper for taking a so-called “very positive step” in the right direction.

“The publication of the essay in the New York Times is a very positive step and we appreciate international media and their addressing of the prisoner issue,” Fayez Abou Aita, the deputy secretary general of the radical Fatah Revolutionary Council, told Breitbart on Tuesday, two days after Barghouti’s piece appeared in The Times.

He added that anyone who recognizes “Barghouti as a Palestinian leader and warrior for the freedom of his homeland” also by default “supports the struggle for the national liberation of the Palestinians.”


And on a related note, anyone who supports the Palestinians’ so-called “struggle” therefore also condones their ultimate goal, which is to annihilate Israel, wiping the Jewish state off the face of the Earth. Likewise, anyone who would publish anything Barghouti has to say supports murder as well.

“He was convicted in a civilian (not military) court (in May of 2014) on five separate counts of murder of innocent civilians,” explained former Israeli Justice Minister Josef Lapid’s son Yesh Atid in a column published Monday in The Times of Israel. “He was involved in dozens of attempted terror attacks. He caused people to lose their families and led to people being maimed. He destroyed lives.”

Yet Barghouti was the man whose “wisdom” the editors at The Times chose to publish.

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“The attempt by The New York Times ‘to be balanced’ amuses Barghouti,” Lapid added. “He understands that this sacred attempt at balance creates equal standing between murderer and murdered, terrorist and victim, lie and truth.”

To make matters worse, The Times initially failed to divulge Barghouti’s terrorist past. Its biographical note with the op-ed piece ludicrously described him as a  “Palestinian leader and parliamentarian.”


It was only after backlash ensued that an “Editors Note” was appended to the piece to inform readers that the words they were about to read were written by a convicted killer.


While The Times already had a history of anti-Israel hatred during Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure as Israel’s prime minister, this piece really took the cake, demonstrating once and for all why one would have to be an utter fool to view the paper’s repugnant editorial section as anything more than an outlet for radicals, terrorists and other such vermin.

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