Charlotte Protester Dies After Being Shot Wednesday Amid Riots

The rampant violence that has turned Charlotte, N.C. into a kaleidoscope of mayhem for the past two nights has now claimed the life of one man shot in Wednesday night’s rioting.

Justin Carr, 26, who was shot in the head at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night outside the Omni hotel, died Thursday. He was shot during protests in response to the fatal shooting of Keith Scott by police on Tuesday.

When Charlotte officials announced the shooting Wednesday night, they made it clear that Carr was shot by a fellow protester, and not by police.

Some who were at the protests disagreed with the city’s contention.

“The violence that occurred was escalated by police,” said Rev. Steve Knight, pastor of social justice for Missiongathering Christian Church, adding that the police explanation “did not jibe with our eyewitness experience of being in the crowd,”

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After allegations were made that police might have killed Carr, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Police Chief Kerr Putney said there will be a full investigation.

“We’re here to seek the truth,” he said. “So, we’re investigating that to find the truth, the absolute truth, as best the evidence can show us.”

“The shooting that took place, there’s a lot of information about who did that shooting. We’re reviewing video, and we’re assessing our people who were there as well because an allegation was made that one of our officers might have been involved,” he said.

Police had initially said Carr was dead on Wednesday night, before revising that statement to reflect that he was on life support and in critical condition.

“Don’t know how to feel! Don’t know what to feel! Just feeling numb! Not going to ask why me just need Prayer for my baby boy right now!” Ann Carr, the victim’s mother, posted on Facebook.

“As I lay by his side and Praying real hard because my baby is fighting for his Life! Please if your gonna protest do it peacefully! My baby was shot in the head for no apparent reason! I don’t know who did this but Lord please bring my baby through this & give me strength cause those of you that know me know how close me & my Sons are!” she posted.

On Thursday, National Guard troops arrived in Charlotte after a state of emergency had been declared Wednesday.

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