CHER: ‘When I Watch Trump I Just Want to Blow My Brains Out’

Cher has been a famous icon in the singing world for a long time—upwards of 40 years or more—but her radical leftist views are starting to get on America’s nerves.

During a fundraiser in Los Angeles, Cher claimed, “When I watch Trump, I just want to blow my brains out. Or maybe not my brains, but I’m just like, ‘What are you talking about? Jesus.’” (via I Have the Truth)

During the election, Cher was one of the stars who claimed she would move away from the U.S. if Trump was elected.

Cher was a large Hillary Clinton supporter, arguing that Hillary’s “moral compass has always pointed towards grace, justice for genders, and justice for sexual orientation,” but I’m sure Cher was on something when she said this because it’s laughable.

I don’t think your moral compass works if you have done the things Hillary Clinton has done. No one’s moral compass allows them to send classified information via email regarding national security on an unsecured server.

Your moral compass doesn’t let you forget the four men who were killed in Benghazi, and it certainly doesn’t let you lie about what took place there.

I’m pretty sure every moral compass recommends not lying in general.

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Cher also claims Hillary is for “justice for genders.” In what way, exactly? Anybody who cares about gender issues would not publicly shame the women who were sexually abused by her husband, whether proven or unproven.

And “justice for sexual orientation?” That’s funny considering Hillary said in 2004, “I believe marriage is not just a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman,” indicating where she stood on gay marriage.

Hillary Clinton’s “moral compass” was thrown in the garbage a long time ago it seems to me. Long before she was ever in politics. That much is clear because when I think of Hillary Clinton, I do not think of “morals” or “grace.”

Instead, I think of the words “crook” and “demon.” And I count America lucky every single day that Donald Trump was elected over her because he stands for something great. He stands for integrity and honor. And frankly, Hillary doesn’t.

Cher can be the host of the next liberal pity party and talk about how “great” Clinton is, but Clinton is not going to be the president, not now and hopefully not ever. There should be a Madam President one day, but she certainly should not go by the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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