Chicago Thug Who BRUTALLY Beat 94 Yr-Old WWII Veteran Just Got DESTROYED by The JUDGE!

The Chicago thug who brutally beat a 94 year-old WWII veteran has been caught. Police caught Olajuwon Claiborne, 26, 4 days after he attacked and beat Josephine Regnier, 94. Claiborne is charged with beating and robbing Josephine while she was waiting for her daughter to pick her up to go to the dentist.

The story goes that Josephine was waiting for her daughter outside her building on Chicago’s Southside shortly before noon on Wednesday. She became cold and decided to go back inside the hallway of her building to keep warm. When she did this, Claiborne shoved her inside, beat her and then stole her purse. Josephine sustained multiple injuries that ranged from a black eye to three fractured ribs and a concussion. She was brought to the hospital and spent four days there recovering from her wounds slowly. She was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Video Surveillance captured footage of Clairborne and four days later he was located and arrested for his crimes. He is being charged in the violent attack with home invasion, robbery, aggravated battery and robbery of an elderly victim.

Josephine Regnier can be seen here in a photo taken at her husband’s grave:

The Police who caught Claiborne said he saw Josephine go into the building and used the opportunity to sneak inside. There is where he shoved Josephine into the hallway, hitting her and stealing her purse. He fled the scene in a stolen SUV that he drove about a block away, then crashed it into a dumpster in the alley behind Villa Rosa Pizza. Claiborne took off on foot after the crash and that is when the surveillance camera caught him on video. He can be seen in the video clutching Josephine’s purse to his chest.

Police used the surveillance footage to identify and track down Claiborne. He was arrested for the attack and was booked for two other robberies as well.

Judy Dusk, the victim’s daughter said this about the incident that sent her mom to the hospital… “This man just came in the gangway and assaulted her, beat the s***out of her, took her purse and ran.” Dusk said her mother suffered “three fractured ribs, a black eye, a big goose egg on her head and a possible concussion.”

I hope this thug gets locked up for a long, long time. Getting degenerates like Claiborne off the streets is what our men and women in blue do to keep us safe. A huge congratulations to the police for quickly catching this criminal.

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