Clinton Jokes Her Most Recent Coughing Fit Was Caused By Campaign-Related Allergy

Amid growing concern about her health, a video clip showing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton struggle to suppress a nagging cough is fueling further speculation this week.

Appearing with running mate Tim Kaine in Cleveland for a Labor Day campaign event, Clinton’s remarks were almost immediately interrupted by the coughing fit.

She began her speech by acknowledging local Democratic Party leaders, her voice growing notably hoarser as she attempted to complete the list.

“I’ve been talking so much,” a raspy Clinton told the crowd after sipping from a glass of water.

As she attempted to regain her composure, a number of attendees began shouting supportive slogans. The crowd cheered when Clinton delivered a line about the supposed source of her persistent cough.

“Every time I think about Trump,” she said of her Republican rival, “I get allergic.”

While Clinton and her supporters have repeatedly dismissed critics who question the nominee’s health, anecdotes like Monday’s spell in Ohio keep the narrative active — especially on social media.

Clinton revisited her attempt to recognize organizers of the event, though she continued to suffer through her bout of congestion.

At one point, Kaine stood up from his seat on the stage behind Clinton in an apparent attempt to assist her. He sat down again as a woman on stage handed Clinton what some reports indicate was a cough drop.

Comments in response to a YouTube video of Monday’s coughing spell revealed near-unanimous concern about Clinton’s health and her fitness as a prospective president.

“She must be terrified of the debates,” one commenter wrote. “If she gets up there and has one of these disgusting hacking coughing fits, or even worse an outright seizure, it’s over.”

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