CNN Analyst Goes On National TV, Stuns Everyone With 5 Words About Trump


The Trump administration’s foreign-policy moves over the past couple of weeks have earned praise from some unlikely sources.

In a discussion on CNN’s New Day Thursday, political analyst David Gregory said he was surprised by the apparent strategy of Trump’s recent actions.

“If you look at Russia, you know, he’s actually doing some pretty sophisticated things here,” Gregory said.


Adding Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely not pleased with Trump’s approval of a NATO expansion, he applauded Trump for “taking steps to ramp up the pressure on Russia in a way that we didn’t think he was willing to do.”

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Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota chimed in with her assertion that it was “strategically smart” for Trump to signal a willingness to work with China in the pursuit of the two nations’ common foreign-policy interests.


Her colleague, however, had a different take. Chris Cuomo insisted “we’re not sure why” Trump called for a missile strike on a Syrian air base following reports the nation used chemical weapons on its own citizens.

“Well, but you say we’re not sure why,” Gregory replied. “I mean, he sent a strong political statement.”

Though he acknowledged making a statement is “short of having a bigger strategy with regard to Syria,” he said the U.S. action in Syria was “measured.”

The “constraints around what he is doing in Syria,” Gregory concluded, is a major reason Trump has gotten support from both sides of the aisle.


While he has some good things to say about Trump’s current foreign policy, the former moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press had a much different opinion roughly two months ago.

In the wake of Michael Flynn’s resignation from his post as Trump’s national security adviser, Gregory lambasted the administration for judicial challenges to a proposed immigration ban and allegations of collusion with Russia.

At the time, he concluded Trump’s short record on global issues had been “a disaster.”

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