CNN Defends Criminals In Disturbing New Segment


Once again, CNN has proved how pro-illegal immigration and anti-Trump it is — all in under four minutes.

In a segment that aired on Tuesday, the network discussed how some illegals are being deported and emphasized how sad it was that some of these people were being separated from their families.

CNN explained how illegal immigrants are being deported by ICE Air, an airline operated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, to get illegals out of the country.


This is good news, right?

Not according to CNN, who interviewed some of the people being deported and portrayed them as victims.

A reporter interviewed David Padilla, who was arrested because of a DUI and promptly deported. He showed the reporter pictures of his family on his smart phone and explained how he wasn’t treated like a human being because ICE agents cut the shoelaces from his shoes.


He blamed President Donald Trump for his deportation, adding that if Trump hadn’t been in the White House, he probably would have been allowed to stay even after he was arrested.

When asked what he told his children about the deportation, he smiled and said he told them that he would be back.

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Another man interviewed said he was convicted of domestic violence and a third was reportedly a convicted felon.

Then the reporter interviewed a crying women whose only crime was “deportations,” according to the reporter. (Being deported isn’t a crime, so we don’t even know what she meant by that.) Between wiping her tears, she sobbed that she couldn’t understand why she was being separated from her children.


CNN clearly wants Americans to feel guilty for what’s happening to these people.

However, they made a choice to come into the country illegally — and that is a crime. Period. There is nothing sad about that, and there is nothing wrong with sending those who are in the country illegally back home.

Unless you’re CNN.

What’s next, coverage of the mistreatment of convicted criminals who have lost their freedom of movement because they’re in prison?

CNN has completely lost it, and this sob story about criminal illegal immigrants proves it.

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