CNN IS OVER: Watch Trump END Don Lemon’s Career Last Night On Live TV!

Donald Trump called CNN Don Lemon “dumb as a rock” after a very heated segment on the GOP presidential race.

“Don Lemon is a lightweight — dumb as a rock,” Trump tweeted. The former Secret Service agent and Florida Republican congressional candidate Dan Bongino was also congratulated by Donald Trump.

Bongino is not a “Trump surrogate” and defended Trump’s statement. Watch this.

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“It’s clear he’s trying to motivate people to go out and vote based on the potential for an open Supreme Court seat,” Bongino argued.

We don’t need their B.S. on the air anymore. They only support Hillary Clinton. They take her marching orders. SO LET’S TAKE THEM OFF THE AIR.

If you need another reason, watch this.

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