CNN Just Got Brutalized With Massive Racial Lawsuit That Could Shut Them Down For Good ⋆ US Herald

CNN has made such a mockery of journalism ever since Trump got elected. It’s certainly well deserving of its many names, such as “Clinton News Network,” “Crap News Network,” and simply “Fake News.” It also looks like some shady stuff is going on behind the scenes.

In a bombshell, over 200 hundred African American staff members have come forward, alleging discrimination. The plaintiffs are represented by Atlanta attorney Daniel R. Meachum. In an interview with Fox News, Meachum says that the investigation has been ongoing and is stronger than ever as more former staff come forward. He also indicated that 95 percent of the incidents occurred within the last four years.

One of the accusations comes from Celeslie Henley, who worked at CNN for seven years before being let go abruptly after filing a discriminatory claim to the network’s HR department.

It certainly looks like CNN has some explaining to do. While these are just accusations at the moment, it’s pretty damning when there are that many people coming forward. For those on the right, this is a dose of sweet justice. Remember that in light of the Charlottesville incident, CNN had a field day with endless opinion pieces of Trump and his supporters sympathizing with neo-Nazis.

It’s no surprise that CNN has stayed mum on the allegations. Other networks other than Fox News have also turned a blind eye.

The fake news site is also reeling from a series of abysmal ratings. At its lowest point during the summer of this year, it was even beat out by Nick-at-Nite, which was airing reruns of old sitcoms. Fox News and MSNBC, on the other hand, finished first and second, respectively.

Conservatives are naturally skeptical when people or groups of people allege racism. However, it’s certainly poetic justice to see a leftist corporation get a taste of its own medicine.

Do you think there are any truths to these allegations leveled against CNN?


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