CNN Just SCREWED Themselves With What’s Seen At The Bottom Of Live Broadcast That They Didn’t Know Was Showing

CNN has already lost a substantial amount of credibility after repeatedly making ridiculous claims, most recently about our new Commander-in-Chief. They really can’t afford any more mistakes if they hope to survive in the public eye. However, they just made a huge one which will be hard to recover from after shocked viewers saw what was at the bottom of the television screen during their live broadcast.

CNN has received some serious heckling after an oversight of epic proportions. This latest hilarious fail has caused some pretty funny ripples on social media.The news channel is still trying to clean the mud off their faces after confusing where a certain border was going, making a statement that made no geographical sense. Not knowing the difference between Australia with Austria in a news report could cost them even more viewership because the verbiage at the bottom of the screen proclaimed that Australia, not Austria, was building a wall between themselves and Slovenia.

While you have probably noticed that this isn’t the first royal screw up that the nation’s leading propaganda channel has put out, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a little highlight reel of some of their greatest hits.

There was this time, when they mistook a dildo-decorated banner for an ISIS flag during a live cross.

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And also this time, when they weren’t able to add to 100 and ended up with a total of 110 percent in the Scottish independence referendum.

And of course this time, when they accidentally captioned a photograph of Vladimir Putin ‘Jihadi John’. Talk about bad Russian relations.

It would almost be worth watching the Crazy News Network just to see what kind of tomfoolery they will come out with next. Almost, I said almost.

On second thought, don’t do that, it would probably be bad for your (mental) health.

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