CNN Laughs At Dr. Ben Carson, A Successful Black Man From The Inner City, Claiming He’s “Unqualified” To Run HUD

It’s ironic that the very same liberal media that is happy to brand everything they disagree with as racist would be considered racist by their own standards?

Their latest target? None other than Ben Carson. Personally, just judging from the speeches and public appearances of the man, I can’t understand how anyone would dislike ihm. He doesn’t appear to have a bad bone in his body.

But because the only man to ever separate conjoined twins at the head was nominated to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Trump administration, he’s a new target. As Truthfeed reported:

During a CNN broadcast, a panel comprised of four idiots and one Trump supporter, discussed Dr. Ben Caron as HUD secretary.

The four idiots treated Dr. Carson with disrespect, laughing at him, and mocking his abilities.

CNN is a clown show.

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Watch below:


If this was any other media panel mocking and ridiculing a black nominee for an Obama administration the calls of racist outrage against the network would be overwhelming. However, as customary within their hypocrisy, the pontificating left-wing ideologues cannot even fathom anyone taking exception

How stupid. Were they this critical when Obama appointed Van Jones to head the EPA during his first term, despite the lack of experience Jones has regarding climate science? Of course not. Hell, Van Jones is now a paid contributor at their network.

If we were to take this one step further, these are the people who didn’t have trouble appointing a community organizer as our President, and now they’re afraid of Ben Carson taking the position of HUD secretary from Julian Castro, a man infinitely less qualified than Carson? Please…

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