CNN's May Ratings Are an Epic Disaster… The Network is Imploding!

CNN has completely stopped claiming they are an objective news source and have ramped up their anti-Donald Trump efforts in a quest for ratings.

Clearly, those efforts didn’t result in the climax they hoped for. Their ratings are a disaster for the month of May, as CNN has tirelessly tried to make an adult film star into a major player in the Democrat Party.

CNN has interviewed Stormy’s lawyer more than 59 times, and he’s introduced in shows as a legal commentator. CNN goes out of their way to ensure he doesn’t face difficult questions, and no one at the network would dare raise the interesting questions about just who is funding his legal efforts to hurt the President, based on a 10-year-old alleged affair and extortion.

As media reports confirm, CNN averaged 1.12 million total viewers in 2018, with 399,000 demo viewers, behind both Fox News and MSNBC. For May, viewership was at 859,000… a 23% drop!:

Looking at the primetime numbers for the month, Fox News was number one with an average of 2.24 million viewers, as well as taking first place in the key adults 25-54 demographic with 453,000 viewers. MSNBC was second in primetime with 1.69 million total viewers and 417,000 in the demo. CNN came in third with 1.12 million total viewers and 399,000 in the demo.

In total day, Fox News was first in total viewers with 1.42 million viewers and in the demo with 302,000 viewers. CNN was third in total viewers with 821,000 but second in the demo with 274,000. MSNBC was second in total viewers with 925,000 but third in the demo with 221,000.

As CNN has been quick to downplay Trump’s success in ending the Korean War, yesterday’s capture of ISIS fighters, and plenty of other major successes, viewers are apparently growing tired of a network which serves as a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

If you sit and watch CNN for any period of time (which I wouldn’t suggest trying), you would think Stormy Daniels is the biggest story in the world. They are so out of touch!

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