College Releases Guide to “Offensive” Words


Boston’s Emerson College has forbidden students to use the term “homosexual” on the grounds that the word is offensive to, well, homosexuals.

According to The Daily Caller, the rule was included in the college’s 1,440-word “inclusive language” guide.

Those “Guidelines for Inclusive Language” stated that students should use the terms “gay” and “lesbian” to refer to the people those words describe.


“Use gay or lesbian when describing people who are attracted to members of the same sex,” the guidelines said. “Avoid the use of homosexual and homosexual relationship.”

The list goes on and on. Words such as “chairman” and “mankind” are discouraged, and students are asked to say “chair” and “humanity” in their place.

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Students are asked to refrain from using other “derogatory” or “offensive” words about those with disabilities, women, people of color and almost every group of people imaginable.


For example, students should say “historically underrepresented groups” or “people of color” instead of “minorities.” The reason, according to the guideline? “People of color are actually the majority in many large U.S. cities.”

“Community members should avoid using language that is insensitive to cultural differences or that excludes or offends any group of people (based on their ability/disability, age, ethnicity and race, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, etc.),” the statement read.

Students must determine “whether it is appropriate to (their) communication to share a particular fact about a person (pertaining to social identity, e.g., age, ethnicity).”

How many more words in the English language will be deemed offensive before people realize it’s gone too far? While Americans should respect their neighbors and treat others who are different with the same courtesy they would want for themselves, this guideline seems to drive more of a wedge between people than to unify them.


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