Comey Asked Whether Lynch Shut Down Hillary Investigation, His Response is Shocking

The FBI director testified before Congress yesterday, and revealed much more than he intended to.

Senator Grassley of Iowa grilled FBI Director James Comey yesterday, regarding a leaked email insinuating that Loretta Lynch offered to cover for Hillary Clinton, and the director refused to comment. VERY suspicious!

Grassley was referring to an email that was hacked by Russian intelligence and uncovered by the FBI.

In the email, a Democrat operative claimed that Lynch would prevent any FBI investigation into the Clinton email scandal from “going too far,” insinuating an illegal cover-up.

Suspiciously, James Comey refused to comment, and also failed to provide a copy of the email to the oversight committee as requested.

Any attempt by Congress to get to the bottom of this scandal is being blocked by Comey and the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

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President Trump released a tweet earlier today stating that Lynch is now refusing to testify before Congress next week. (via Twitter)

The revelations of this email insinuating a cover-up are the newest peculiarity in an already unprecedented case. Loretta Lynch has remained tied up in the investigation from the beginning, and charges against Hillary Clinton were dropped after Lynch held a secret meeting with Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton.

Director Comey’s decision to not press charges was also unusual. The head of the FBI decided not to go to trial because they could not prove that Hillary Clinton intended to circumvent the law. However, there is no standard of intent required, and everyone agreed Clinton mishandled classified information. (via The New York Times)

Should Trump appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary? Let America know!

As more information is being revealed, it is becoming clear that a major cover-up is being concealed.

Now is the time for President Trump to appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the email scandal.


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