Conway Tells Maher Trump ‘Has Created a Movement’ While Clinton Flounders In Negativity

With a quick smile and quicker cadence, KellyAnne Conway talked her way over all the snares laid for her by Bill Maher during her Friday appearance on Maher’s Real Time show.

Conway, the campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, began the interview with Maher by gently chiding Maher when he said that she was “enabling pure evil” by helping Trump, as the audience laughed.

Maher noted that Conway could be “the most important person in the world right now,” because she has figured out how to tame Trump.

“How did you do it?” he asked.

“I don’t see it that way,” she replied. “I walk into Trump Tower every day to the campaign and I am quickly reminded that Donald Trump did very well for himself before I arrived.”

She said she would label the success she has had in helping Trump’s campaign lift its poll ratings as a case of the right followers coming out to help the right leader.

She noted that the campaign centers around Trump, who “is out there showcasing his generosity, his great sense of humor, his love of the country and people …”

Although she was derailed by giggles from Maher, she quickly regained control.

“I’ve been to these rallies; I’ve been to these fairs. This guy has really created a movement and people feel like they are a part of it,” she said.

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She reminded Maher that Trump is an “outsider … disrupter … change maker” who is not running for self-advancement in the mold of traditional politicians.

After Maher said that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was right that many Trump supporters are “deplorable,” Conway then launched into a counter-attack on Clinton.

“She said deplorable about 12 hours after her campaign said she was going to be uplifting and inspirational, so see what’s in her heart. Nothing but negatives,” said Conway.

Noting the Clinton “doesn’t have a positive message,” Conway said the Clinton’s recent floundering in the polls emulates Clinton’s collapse in the 2008 Democratic primaries against then-Sen. Barack Obama and also her late-stage slump in this year’s race against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“A majority of Americans think she doesn’t tell the truth,” Conway added.

Maher then asked Conway if she could face her children, and tell them she supports someone who has conducted himself on the campaign trail in the manner Trump has done.

“I have no problem saying to my children that I want the future to be better for them,” Conway riposted. “I can’t support somebody who lies for a living.”

Noting, in the end, that she and Maher share a common birthday, she invited him to join her on Jan. 20, which is the scheduled inauguration date for America’s next president.

“Come as my guest Bill Maher. We’ll see you there,” Conway said.

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