Critics Seize On Clinton Tweet Describing Trump As A National Security Risk

As traditional media take a backseat to social media this election season, both major presidential nominees have faced the consequences of ill-timed or impulsive tweets. After GOP nominee Donald Trump used his Twitter account in the primary election to redefine how partisan attacks are packaged and delivered, his Democratic challenger has repeatedly fired back with tweets of her own.

Though some of Hillary Clinton’s jabs against the brash billionaire have been received well by her supporters, at least a few others have sparked extensive mockery. In most cases, as with her advice last month that Trump delete his Twitter account, Clinton’s message struck critics as ironic given the ongoing controversy regarding her negligent handling of classified data while secretary of state.

This week, another post on the Clinton campaign’s Twitter profile earned similar backlash. After imploring her followers to “imagine Donald Trump in the Oval Office facing a real crisis,” Clinton insisted America “can’t afford that kind of risk.”

Regardless of their position regarding the Republican nominee, dozens of commenters were quick to chime in with reasons they believe Clinton poses her own unique risk to the nation’s security.

Several pointed to her scandal-plagued history in the public eye as the reason they cannot support her.

Others believe rumors concerning Clinton’s health might negatively affect the nation if she wins in November.

With news breaking just hours after her tweet that the father of Orlando nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen was seated in a prominent position at a recent Clinton rally, numerous detractors felt her characterization of Trump as a national-security risk was even more ill-advised.

A Twitchy headline on the topic called Clinton’s “the most badly timed” tweet in history — and many readers agreed.

“Interesting strategy to double/triple/quadruple down on stupid at every turn,” one commenter wrote.

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