Crowd Runs In on Horrible Car Wreck… Then Begins Looting


Members of the American progressive left often tout the benefits and wonders of socialism, and though conservatives and libertarians often remind them of the dire consequences of such a political system, they nevertheless insist that, this time, they will get it right.

But opponents of socialism really don’t need to dig deep into history to make their case of how horrible the system really is though, as they need only point to Venezuela and the utterly horrifying economic hellhole it has become under a succession of socialist governments.

The abject misery and dehumanizing poverty experienced by Venezuelans was recently on vivid display following a nasty car accident that left two men dead and a woman injured, but the truly horrifying aspect of the incident came via the witnesses and onlookers who responded to the crash, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.


Captured on cell phone video, bystanders and passersby can be seen rushing to the scene of the accident, not to help the victims, but to instead scoop up piles of cash that had been scattered about the roadway following the wreck.

Other individuals were spotted rifling through a suitcase that had come from one of the vehicles, and someone was even seen checking out a watch belonging to one of the deceased victims.

According to the U.K. Express, the woman recording at one point yelled out, “Hey, guys, be humans, don’t be bad!”


You can watch some of the people ignore the victims and focus only on the cash right here. (WARNING: graphic video):

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According to the Daily Mail, the incident took place on the road linking the cities of San Felix and Upata. It is believed that the accident occurred when a tire blew out on one of the vehicles, causing its driver to lose control.

As for the vast quantity of cash spread about the road, that is largely due to the insane amount of inflation that has occurred in the country due to the socialist economic policies, which have resulted in a major crisis that has brought shortages of food, medicine, water and even toilet paper. That, of course, has caused prices to spike for remaining available goods.


Sadly, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has not learned any lessons from his nation’s economic woes, and has instead doubled down on the same tired policies that have brought about the mess the country is in in the first place.

Next time some American progressives start talking about the joys of socialism, just show them this video as evidence of what the end result of socialism really looks like — poverty-stricken people ignoring victims of a car accident to instead loot them of their belongings while they bleed in the street.

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