Defense Sec Mattis Asked What Keeps Him Awake at Night – His Quick Response is Absolutely Blazing

After the Trump Administration took over, we learned that we have a group of people in charge who are patriotic, factual, and would stop at nothing to protect us. We have been proven right yet again.

According to Independent Journal Review,  U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed that he is fearless yet again. He had an interview with “Face the Nation” where he was asked what keeps him awake at night. His epic response? “Nothing. I keep other people awake at night.”

It was at this exact moment that everyone who stands in the way of our country, and American values, froze. Mattis means business. He earned his name, “Mad Dog,” for a reason.

When you think about some of the other people that held the position of U.S. Secretary of Defense, they are almost laughable. No one has had the fearlessness that Mattis carries. All you have to do is look him in the face, and you can tell that crossing him would be a mistake.

There is a reason that things in this country are improving. People like Trump and Mattis are looking out for the best interests of this country at all times. They take their jobs seriously, and are not in it for the powerful friends, or bribe money — they’re already successful.

Our country has been going through a grave crisis lately. The left is trying to pull off a hostile takeover of the political ecosystem. Liberals make up fake news story in an attempt to discredit the people in charge, all because their feelings were hurt.

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We are worried about real problems, like illegal immigration putting our friends and family in danger, and costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars every year. The left is more worried about not wanting to kick illegals out, because that would make them sad.

Can you guess what group Mattis belongs to? He is not going to pull any punches with these left-wingers who think they deserve to bully whoever they want. You CANNOT do that here. We are supposed to be working together.

If they want to act like a bunch of savages, we can treat them that way. Mattis is always willing to work within reason. If you act like a fool, he is the kind of guy who will look you in the face, and say your opinion means absolutely nothing, BECAUSE you are an idiot.

The Snowflakes better start running for cover. We have a strong feeling that the “Mad Dog” Mattis heat wave is just starting to pick up.

We think it’s about time we start hearing and seeing more respect for our Secretary of Defense. He’s the best of the best.


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