Dems Just Tried To Impeach Trump Overnight But They Never Expected These Results ⋆ US Herald

Almost from the time President Trump took office, Democrats have made repeated calls for impeachment. It was pretty pathetic, really. Well, House Democrats finally kept to their word as they tried to impeach the POTUS. There was only one problem: they fell short of votes – not by a slim margin, but by a few hundred.

Texas Democrat Al Green began the process by reading all eight pages of a passage outlining all the reasons why President Trump needs to be booted. Among the reasons include his “discord” and “high misdemeanors.” Other criticisms include the president’s response to the NFL players taking a knee and his call for the NFL to fire them. Green also hounded the president for his response to the Charlottesville incident. Furthermore, Green lambasted the president for what he felt was a lack of aid response to the devastating Hurrican Maria that left Puerto Rico in shambles.

Green described the impeachment attempt as one of the “greatest moments” of his life.

Well, Green probably didn’t feel so great after the votes came in. Only 58 House Members voted yay for impeachment, vs a whopping 364 for nay. You can definitely sense the massive wave of incoming liberal tears.

Among the 364 nay voters include two House Democrats. One of whom was none other than Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. She explained afterward that while there were plenty of reasons to question the POTUS’ competence, now wasn’t the time for such a drastic move.

You know an impeachment move has to be asinine when even Pelosi of all people refuse to get behind it.

Green issued his own statement after the failed impeachment, affirming that he will “continue to speak out against the hatred and hostility that is invading our national discourse.”

Does the pathetic move for impeachment show how out of touch the Democrats have become?


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