Disgraced Donna Brazile Admits She Passed Debate Questions to Clinton Camp


Only a day after she admitted to “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah that she had used her former position at CNN to influence the Democrat primary debates between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, former interim Democrat National Committee chair Donna Brazile wrote a column making the same admission.

And in the column were the same lame excuses she had trotted out the previous night.

“(I)n October, a subsequent release of emails (by WikiLeaks) revealed that among the many things I did in my role as a Democratic operative and DNC vice chair prior to assuming the interim DNC chair position was to share potential town hall topics with the Clinton campaign,” she wrote for Time magazine.


Of course, we already knew this. We also already knew, according to what she told Noah, that her excuse for interfering in the debates was that she had also sent questions to the other candidates.

“My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen,” she added, before once and for all finally fessing up to the truth: “But sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.”

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If only we could believe her. But we can’t, given that the remainder of her column sounded like the musings of a conspiracy loon, as Brazile tried to blame her behavior on — who else? — the ever-so-comically malevolent Russians.

“By stealing all the DNC’s emails and then selectively releasing those few, the Russians made it look like I was in the tank for Secretary Clinton,” she wrote, again relying on the unproven claim that she had sent the debate questions to other candidates as well.

“Despite the strong, public support I received from top Sanders campaign aides in the wake of those leaks, the media narrative played out just as the Russians had hoped, leaving Sanders supporters understandably angry and sowing division in our ranks,” she continued.

So it’s all the Russians’ fault. I’m surprised she didn’t blame Tooth Fairy.


Perhaps being honest requires going through a 12-step program similar to the one followed by recovering alcoholics. The only difference is that whereas the first step for alcoholics is to admit that they are powerless over alcohol, the first step for Brazile would be to admit that the Russians had nothing to do with her own scandalous behavior.

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