Doctor Reveals Muslim Woman’s “Unsanitary Habit” and Then Gets Disgusting Surprise

A Muslim surgeon put hundreds of hospital patients’ lives at risk daily all because she wanted to put her own well-being above the people entrusting their lives into her care.

It is mind-blowing to think there are people out there so brainwashed by a religion that they are willing to put other people’s lives in danger. A hospital in England has suspended a consultant anesthesiologist after he exposed a female Muslim surgeon who point blank refused to remove her headscarf while administering surgery, via Daily Mail.

This doctor, Dr. Vladislav Rogozov, got suspended for having the best interests of the patients at heart. Wearing a headscarf opens up the high risk of cross-infecting the patient’s open incision, which could lead to death.

Instead of accepting she was wrong, the Muslim surgeon has filed racial discrimination allegations against the Czech-born anesthesiologist.

This anesthesiologist has worked in Britain at his job for over ten years, with a spotless record. And now he’s suspended indefinitely until the allegations have been resolved. It’s despicable!

Would you be happy to have surgery done by someone willing to put your health at risk for the sake of their beliefs? Would you allow to have a loved one operated on by this dogmatist with her unsanitary habits?

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Of course you wouldn’t! And that’s why the brave anesthesiologist reported the surgeon in question.

This is yet another case of a Muslim person thinking they are superior due to their religion and forcing non-Muslims to go along with what they want to do.

For the smallest of things, Muslims will claim discrimination or intolerance — even in this case where someone put safety regulations first. A “racial discrimination” lawsuit? That doesn’t even begin to make sense. Islam is a religion, not a race — and it was her religion that prompted her to risk the well-being of her patients.

To make matters even more complicated, Muslim doctors and surgeons often take breaks during surgeries to recite their prayers and speak phrases from the Quran rather than tend to their patients.

Unfortunately, in England, the government-run healthcare system means that you have to deal with Muslim surgeons and doctors and unsanitary practices. It is essential that we take this as a lesson and ensure that these practices do NOT become commonplace in the United States.


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