Donald Trump’s Granddaughter Walked Up to China’s President and Made Trump PROUD

President Trump recently had a visit from the Chinese President and his wife. He’s still dispelling the baseless claims that he is racist, and his granddaughter is helping prove this point!

Chinese president Xi Jinpeng and his wife, Peng Liyuan, visited with President Trump at his vacation home in Florida. At some point during their visit, Trump’s granddaughter, 5-year-old Arabella Kushner, came out and serenaded Mr. and Mrs. Jinpeng.

It was adorable to watch her perform a song she’d learned to sing in Chinese. Ivanka Trump made sure to record the entire encounter, later uploading it to her personal Twitter page.

You have to give little Arabella credit. She was able to do this in front of her mother, grandma, grandpa, Mr. Jinpeng, his wife, and many others. You could see President Trump’s face light up with joy when his granddaughter performed.  This isn’t the first time we were treated to the adorable Arabella singing in Chinese.

In February, Ivanka posted a video of Arabella singing for the Chinese New Year. Ivanka made a point of emphasizing how proud she was of Arabella. We can certainly see why she feels that way, too.

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There’s one infuriating thing about this whole situation, and it has nothing to do with Arabella. We’ve heard time and time again the Trump family has no class. Apparently, Arabella’s talents are lost on the left.

Throughout his campaign and into his young presidency, we’ve seen nothing but class from the Trump family. The left would have you believe he’s some kind of savage who can’t hold a conversation or respect another family’s culture. We know for a fact this is false.

We’re barely four months into President Trump’s first term, and it’s already readily apparent this family has class. It’s safe to say — moving forward, we’ll be treated to more heartwarming stories and videos from our country’s first family.

We’ve developed thick skin about the wonderful Trump family, and appears the Trumps have, too. The left isn’t going to give up on their smear campaign. It’s sad to see we’ve come this far already, and the left simply can’t let it go. Admitting they might be wrong is too much for them to handle.

If the left want to continue to be childish, they can keep at it. They appear more immature with each passing day. We’re lucky enough to know we have a great first family that’s going to not only exemplify what an American family should look like, but how our great nation should be represented.


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