Donald Trump’s Son Makes Life-Changing Announcement. Give Them Prayer!

Things just keep getting better and better for our First Family, and we couldn’t be happier about this latest news!

Eric Trump jumped on Facebook this morning to reveal that he and his wife, Lara, are expecting a baby boy!

There is probably nothing more exciting for the young couple than to add another member to the family while Eric’s father is serving as the People’s president!

Lara had experienced harsh bouts of exhaustion and extreme fatigue early on in her pregnancy, but she says she’s doing fine now. However, even the best pregnancies are never easy.

As liberals find ways to turn this joyous news into something ugly, it’s up to we patriots to reach out to the First Family and continue to show our love and support.

We the People need to show Eric and Lara that there are still good human beings in this country, who rejoice over a new human life being brought into existence! Already, the hardcore leftist comments are pouring into Donald and Eric Trump’s Twitter feeds, and it’s a disgusting, saddening mess.

It’s up to us to turn that tide around and remind Americans what a baby announcement REALLY is: a time to celebrate!

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The degenerate left may have no regard for human life — aborting babies like it’s no big deal — but WE still remember that every life is a gift. And we can’t wait to see the First Family grow even larger. The world could definitely use more Trumps!

This will be the ninth grandchild for our president, and he couldn’t be happier. After weeks of defending himself against the fake news, it warmed our hearts to see him able to pause and share a happy moment.

The president even shared his tender comments with We the People after he heard the news for himself…

Congratulations Eric and Lara on making your family just a little bigger and congrats to the president, who gets to be a grandpa again!


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