Druggie Loses His Bag Of Heroin… Dials 911 And Makes Shockingly Dumb Request


An Ohio drug user illustrated the ultimate level of stupidity when he called 911 and requested a police dog to help him solve a crime.

The crime? He believed his heroin had been stolen.

KTLA reported that Joseph Murphy, 20, was arrested after he called 911 and told the dispatcher that his girlfriend stole his heroin.


WEWS-TV obtained a recording of the emergency call Murphy made in which he stated that his girlfriend stole heroin from him. The call was made in January but the recording was just released this week.

However, body cameras on the police revealed a different story. As police questioned Murphy about the incident, he pulled a “brown waxy substance” from his pants. It was not immediately known if this was the substance he believed his girlfriend stole from him.

Police then took Murphy to the Bath Township Police Department where he was fingerprinted and released.


The substance was sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for tests. Police Chief Mike McNeely said a felony drug possession charge is expected after results are delivered.

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Murphy does not have a good track record. WEWS reported he was arrested again on April 16 after police said he was involved in a drunk driving accident. Police said his blood alcohol content was .121, which was considerably higher than the legal limit of .08.

In January, Murphy made news when he cursed at police and then urinated on an officer after he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

What a guy.


McNeely called the heroin episode “one of the most bizarre” cases he’s heard of in the 41 years he has been on the job.

Bizarre is one way to put it. Dumb is another.

Murphy needs to get his act together before he finds himself in more serious trouble than he already faces.


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