EXPOSED – Benghazi Committee Was RIGGED! Dems Went Behind Trey Gowdy’s BACK And Did THIS

Yet more corruption among the political elites has now surfaced thanks to WikiLeaks. Hillary Clinton is not the only one who should be in jail!

One of the leaked emails shared via Hillary Clinton top staffer, Cheryl Mills, revealedHouse Democrats were sharing information with Clinton during the Benghazi Select Committee hearing. The insider information courtesy of the career politicians may have kept the American people from learning the truth about why four brave Americans died bloody in Libya.


“Talked to Susanne Grooms–she’s heard absolutely nothing definitive. She believes that Gowdy will put out some kind of “progress report” today, since today marks the first anniversary of the Select Committee’s authorization (who knew?). She thinks that either in the report or in his comments, there will be some indication of what he thinks he has in store for us,” an email forwarded from Cheryl Mills to John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, and several other staffers.

The email went on to reveal Trey Gowdy had not yet requested Benghazi hearing time on Elijah Cummings calendar for the week of May 18, adding the House is out of session the week of May 25. The Cheryl Mills forward noted Susanne Grooms thought Gowdy would try to schedule a hearing with Hillary in June.

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Grooms thought Gowdy would try to use “the present standoff” as an excuse for the Benghazi hearings not moving at a quicker pace. Julian Assange has released several thousand emails which filtered across John Podesta’s desk already this month – and has promised there are more to come.

John Podesta reportedly wanted to trick the public into ignoring Hillary’s ongoing email scandal by focusing on the Benghazi committee – which they tried to bill as a witch hunt. “My perspective is that we want the fight to be about Benghazi, not about servers in her basement,” Podesta wrote to Cheryl Mills, a board member at the Clinton Foundation,” Podesta said in an email.

David Kendall, one of Hillary’s attorneys, said senior campaign staffers had quietly warned him about Gowdy’s plans to “attack” Clinton about the classified emails on her private home server. Hillary’s fellow Democrats also reportedly tried to help her decrease the fallout from both the House investigation and the email scandal on multiple occasions.

Hillary staffer, Robby Mook and other top tier staffers reportedly asked Democrat politicians on the Benghazi committee to push for Trey Gowdy to release all of his own emails in order to stem the criticism of Clinton’s actions. In a string of emails from August 2015, Hillary’s campaign staff decided she should not mention either Benghazi or the email scandal during an upcoming DNC event.

According to leaked emails, DNC leaders were concerned Hillary’s scandals would bring her down and she would lose either the primary or the general election. Speculation that Joe Biden should launch a last minute challenge to Hillary were mounting inside the DNC, the leaked emails also reveal. Until Hillary testified before Gowdy’s committee, the Democrat Party base still harbored intense reservations about her candidacy.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi was responsible for unearthing Hillary’s private email server during their investigation into her actions after the terror attack in Libya. Gowdy and his committee did not get to question Clinton in June, it took until October to get her into the hot seat.

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