Family Blames COPS After Girls Die STEALING Car

Liberals are losing it over this crime — not because of the details but due to the deaths of the criminals who stole a car. They are actually holding police officers responsible!

However, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department is not going to stand for it. On social media, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri released a response, stating that, despite the families’ and others’ claims, they did their best to try to save the girls but were not successful.

“It’s a bunch of junk,” Sheriff Gualtieri stated. “Those deputies went in that water and tried to save those girls at their own peril.”

According to the Tampa Bay Times, three teenage girls in St. Petersburg, Florida stole a car from a 36-year-old man who was kind enough to give them a ride. While he made a stop at the local Walmart, the teen girls decided to take the car for a joy ride.

The girls’ names were Dominique Battle, 16; Ashaunti Butler, 15; and Laniya Miller, 15. After the girls took off, the man reported that his car was stolen to the police. So, the sheriff’s office decided to follow them to bring up charges against them.

It was then that disaster struck: one of the girls who was driving refused to slow down on a sharp curve, and the car left the road and went into a nearby water source. The vehicle was submerged 15 feet under the water.

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The police officers stripped down from their protective gear to attempt to save the girls, but the conditions were too dangerous and they were unable to reach them in time.

More people would have been at risk and could have died if they pursued the rescue of these girls — the police were simply not equipped with the right tools or equipment to save them in time. Because of their stupid crime and refusal to obey the law, all three young women died a horrible death.

The parents are, of course, upset. No parent wants to outlive their children, but blaming the police department for these girls’ deaths is downright appalling. The police department did NOT make these girls steal the vehicle, flee the scene, or drive recklessly.

The police officers did all they could to save them, just as they stated in their official social media post. These are nothing but angry parents who are lashing out over the deaths of their criminal children. No life should be lost, but these girls were responsible for their own actions.

I’m sure the mainstream media and other liberals will use this as more ammunition against our police officers, but the fact of the matter is that no matter what happens in a situation, our police officers have to remain safe. They risk their lives daily, but there was no way for them to reach these girls without potentially injuring or killing themselves.

You want your child to live to old age? Then teach them to obey the laws, to respect other people’s property, and to obey law enforcement officials. The parents of these three criminals have no one to blame but themselves for raising children who believed it was okay to steal a car and then try to outrun the law. Their parents have to learn to live with that — and stop blaming the police for their own poor parenting!


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