FBI Says FULL STEAM AHEAD On Investigation Into Clinton Foundation…

FBI agents are still actively pursuing an investigation into the Clinton Foundation over suspicions of corruption. The FBI Little Rock Arkansas field office is where agents who are investigating are based. This is the FBI location is where the probe public corruption matters.

An ex-senior FBI official said “Everybody’s working the foundation in Little Rock,” but that the Little Rock office may be “pulling bodies from other programs” to staff up the probe.

The Daily Caller reports:

The official previously told TheDCNF that an unprecedented FBI probe of the foundation was being waged in multiple cities, which TheDCNF reported in August. The other cities involved in the probe include New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami.

Little Rock is important to the investigation because the Clinton Foundation was founded there in 1997 in that state’s capital where Bill Clinton served multiple terms as governor. The controversial charity was originally registered there and was granted federal tax exemption solely for the purpose of building and operating Clinton’s presidential library.

Within a few years, however, the charity opened its largest office in New York City and dramatically expanded its operations on a global scale.

The Justice Department has refused to cooperate with foundation investigation, the official told TheDCNF. “You need a prosecutor. And as we were going into this election season, this DOJ was not prepared to fully support the FBI’s tool box. I think that’s a big piece of the friction,” he said.

Things appear to have slowed in the case in the New York office and there are still headwinds trying to stop the investigation from the Department of Justice.

“The Eastern District of New York basically put a pause on doing any overt activity. Basically it put everything on hold. That’s the prosecutor’s office. But it’s not the FBI,” the official said. “They are not in the position to tell us, ‘no don’t do that interview.’ But they can certainly slow you down by not giving you the use of subpoenas or not empaneling a grand jury.”

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The ex-FBI official noted not to expect any indictments in the short term.

“I do not think that this is anywhere close to indictment in any district to my knowledge,” he said.

Despite some agents being very angry that FBI director James Comey did not pursue Hillary Clinton over her private email serve yet again there appears to be no major rebellion in the FBI.

“There’s a small group. I think it’s a relatively small group of very loud people who are outside and disconnected from the FBI. They’re seeing it from a distance. They’re angry but they’re less informed,” he said.

The official says Comey is still in firm command and has the backing of the agency.

“Reports about agents turning their backs while Comey is walking down the hall are wrong, patently false. There is strong support for Jim Comey in the building. There’s no stack of resignation letters on his desk waiting to be signed.”

“Yes, there are guys scratching their heads, saying, ‘why did you go as far as you in July?’ You know, we were all expecting him to say, ‘we’re going to recommend indictment,’ then he backed away. That is unprecedented, so there is some gnashing of teeth.”

“Jim Comey enjoys strong support from the workforce,” stated the official.

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