Female Model Just Made Sick Accusations Against Al Franken For Heinous Act He Secretly Did To Her On USO Tour ⋆ US Herald

If you think Hollywood is bad with all the sexual misconduct allegations, then you haven’t looked into the political sphere. The latter is just as rife with sexual deviants.

Al Franken, who serves as a Minnesota Senator and also dabbled in Hollywood for many years, is now the latest to be accused of improper conduct.

The accuser is none other than long-time model and sports commentator Leann Tweeden.

According to Tweeden, the incident occurred during a USO tour in late 2006. Tweeden was acting as an emcee for a skit Franken had planned. As with most of his shows, the skit was full of sexual innuendos and references. Franken also insisted that Tweeden take part in the skit. Tweeden agreed, and the two did a quick rehearsal backstage.

The skit involved a scene where Franken kisses Tweeden on the lips. Tweeden was uncomfortable with this but figured she would just turn her head last minute so he kissed her cheek instead. When they got to the part leading to the kiss, Tweeden claimed Franken grabbed her back and forcefully pressed his lips against hers.

Tweeden did not report the incident to the USO staff, and the skit went on as scheduled. For the rest of the tour, she was careful never to be in a room alone with him.

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The story doesn’t end there. On the flight home from Afghanistan, the photographer snapped several photos of the crew. One of the photos included a shot of Franken comically groping Tweeden’s breast while she was asleep.

In light of the revelations, Franken apologized but claims he has no recollection of such an incident ever taking place.

It’s sad to think that such deplorable behavior is the norm in Hollywood and politics. This isn’t even a political thing. Whether Democrat, Republican, or independent, all sides of the aisle must take a stand to condemn such acts by people in positions of power.

Do you think the former Saturday Night Live host is guilty of the allegations?

H/T: www.usherald.com

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