Fmr. Clinton Staffer Destroys Comey with Brutal On-Air Admission

Former FBI Director James Comey is set to embark on a tour promoting his new memoir that is expected to be highly critical of President Donald Trump, and while much of the liberal media eagerly await the book’s release, there are surprisingly some anti-Trump Democrats who will nevertheless take a pass on it.

In preparation for the release, the Republican National Committee launched an aggressive PR campaign to peg the former director as “Lyin’ Comey” and plan to push back against any “misstatements” and fact check all of the assertions and “contradictions” put forward in the book or accompanying media appearances, according to Fox News.

The RNC appears to have an unlikely ally of sorts in that effort — long-time Clinton associate, adviser to former President Bill Clinton and CNN commentator Paul Begala — who was recently quite critical of Comey and his new book, according to The Daily Caller.

“I have no love for James Comey. I’m with the RNC on this,” said Begala during a Thursday appearance on CNN. “I don’t know if he’s a liar, though. That’s a difference. He’s not a liar.”

“I don’t know that he lied, but the problem is he told the truth very selectively, attacking Hillary Clinton and not ever revealing that Trump himself was under investigation, too,” added Begala.

Begala is of the belief that Comey’s announcement that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal had been re-opened just days prior to the election was a key turning point that very well could have swung the election in then-candidate Trump’s favor.

“Donald Trump should give James Comey flowers or candy or something. He, Comey, made Trump president,” asserted Begala earlier in the segment, according to NTK.

“That doesn’t mean Hillary didn’t make mistakes — Mr. Trump made a few in the campaign too — but for the first time in modern American history, or all American history, the FBI director twice weighed in attacking one of the candidates,” he continued.

Do you think James Comey is a liar?

“By the way, both candidates we now know were both under investigation — Hillary was cleared, Trump was still on-going — all (Comey) talked about was Hillary, trashing my friend and candidate, so I have no love for James Comey. I’m with the RNC on this,” Begala added.

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In a separate report from The Daily Beast the reactions of several prominent Clinton associates — to include Begala — in relation to Comey’s book were noted.

“Mr. Comey needs to put his big-boy pants on, admit that his unethical action swung the election to Trump, and beg for forgiveness,” Begala told The Daily Beast.

The key sore point for many Clinton supporters was the decision to re-open the Clinton investigation during the final stretch of the campaign season, a decision that Comey told Congress during under-oath testimony made him feel “mildly nauseous” for potentially having an impact on the election.

“My Aunt Fanny’s bean dip makes me mildly nauseous,” said Begala. “Comey swinging the election to Trump makes me sick.”

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Fox reported that part of the RNC’s strategy in countering Comey’s book is to highlight the criticisms he has received in the past from prominent Democrats as a way to undermine whatever shred of credibility he may still retain.

Odds are, they can now add Begala’s recent commentary to the mix, perhaps as well as the other close Clinton campaign staffers quoted in the Daily Beast post.

It remains to be seen how successful Comey’s impending book tour will be, but one thing is perfectly clear — Comey has angered people on both sides of the ideological divide and doesn’t have many friends to provide him with political cover any longer.

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