Former Clinton Adviser Says Media Owes Hillary An Apology… Gets Brutal Reply That He Deserves


Former adviser to Hillary Clinton, Peter Daou, took to Twitter on Saturday to criticize the national press and charged they need to apologize to Hillary.

Daou tweeted about the White House correspondents dinner and said, “Most honest thing that could happen at #WHCD is for the national press to apologize to Hillary and her voters for their disdainful coverage.”


This set off a firestorm of responses who attacked the Democratic blogger and strategist who served as Clinton’s adviser during the 2008 presidential campaign when she lost to Barrack Obama in the primary.

Many were in disbelief at Dauo’s tweet, asking him to just stop tweeting or calling him an embarrassment, while other responses were more blunt.


Of course, there were some who took sarcasm to a new level while mocking Daou’s tweet.


Later on Sunday Daou decided to throw Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., claiming he, along with Donald Trump and the media, ran a “vicious smear campaign” against Clinton.

Daou’s decision to bring Sanders into the Twitter conversation opened up a whole new thread of criticism.

This is not the first time Daou has stirred up controversy with his comments. In March, he tweeted that Trump should be “overthrown” and Clinton should be made president.

Daou has displayed his allegiance to Clinton on other occasions as well, and has been called one of her biggest “fanboys.”

The White House correspondent’s dinner is an annual event where comedians and commentators often roast the current President and other politicians.

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