Former Obama Adviser Links TRUMP to NYC Bombing With This SICK Message

A former Obama adviser is under fire after he linked Trump to the New York City bombing with a tweet that’s encountering massive backlash.

According to his Twitter profile, Mohamed Elibiary is a former adviser to President Obama on Homeland Security. He also says he believes the Muslim Brotherhood “=ok,” although he does draw the line at the Islamic State group, which he says “=bad.” He’s also received death threats from the group, so he clearly knows the dangers of terrorism.

However, when it came time assign blame for the blast that rocked Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday night, he insinuated the culprit might be … Donald Trump?

Here’s his tweet:

Well now.

Of course, if anyone connected with the Trump campaign speculated that Hillary supporters might be behind the attack, the ensuing media contumely would have consumed coverage of the bombings themselves. Instead, Elibiary — who has a history of controversial Twitter comments — responded that his tweet was “funny,” and it got almost no attention.

As he points out on his Twitter page, Elibiary isn’t exactly a Democrat lifer; he was an outspoken supporter of John McCain in 2008.

This all being said, he’s a public figure (albeit of a minor sort) who accused a major party presidential candidate of being behind a bombing in New York City because of alleged mob ties and later on referred to it as “funny.”

I suppose that I oughtn’t be surprised; the 2016 election is beyond precedent and it’s caused some people to lose their uplink to reality (usually tenuous ones, but whatever).

However, for someone who is masquerading as a “responsible adult” who’s advised our current president on counterterrorism matters, it’s rather unseemly to behave as though one was a 4chan troll besotted on Robitussin. This is a man whose advice could determine whether Americans live or die, and he openly admits he’s an internet troll.

I think when someone on that side of the debate with that sort of gravitas has reached that level of irresponsibility, it’s really time for liberals to stop complaining about Pepe the freaking Frog.


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