General “Mad Dog” Mattis SMACKS Entitled Democrats Demanding MOAB “Body Count”

After eight years of Obama weakness, we finally have a military unchained from liberalism. That means victory for America.

Secretary of Defense “Mad Dog” Mattis, tired from listening to whining liberals, commented about the damage assessment from the MOAB strike. He replied, “Frankly, digging into tunnels to count dead bodies is probably not a good use of our troops’ time when they’re chasing down the enemy that’s still capable.” (via Daily Caller)

Finally, we are starting to show some spine! Obama was so ready to submit to our enemies. Thank goodness Donald Trump was elected, so we can hire actual talent.

General Mattis is a refreshing change. He reflects the Patton era of generals. We don’t need spineless liberals in charge of our military.

The mainstream media cannot even find any dirt on Mattis, and how could they? The man is good at his job, and this irritates the Left.

We need more generals like Mad Dog. We need to be careful, because if the liberals get control, we will have to deal with a weak military.

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We can rely on Donald Trump to clean up Obama’s mess. In less than 100 days, we have seen more military strength than in eight years of Obama. Sad!

The Obama administration was known for handing our enemies easy victories. Now that a strong conservative is in charge, we are starting to hear reports of Obama’s incompetence.

We don’t need reports to know that Obama was not good at his job. The rest of the world was not worried about America with Obama, but now our enemies need to look out.

Donald Trump is going to hold the liberals accountable for their actions. We need to be prepared for the mainstream media’s vicious attacks. The mainstream media and their establishment cohorts will do anything to survive. They are scared the swamp will be drained, and they should be; it is their home! Real Americans love watching these liars squirm.

Thankfully, Donald Trump will continue to drain the swamp. We will replace the establishment with true patriots, and we will continue our assault against the Left. Patriots, we are going to make America great again!


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