Germany Gives Obama & Islam A Big ‘F YOU!’ – Chancellor Says “Time To Ban The Burka!”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shocked just about everyone today when she announced that the burka & niqab should be banned in Germany wherever possible.

Merkel was facing a tough re-election for chairwoman of her party, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).

Last month she announced she would be running for her 4th term as Germany’s chancellor. At a CDU party conference on Tuesday, Merkel told its’ members, “With us, the rule is: show your face, that’s why the full veil is not appropriate, it should be banned wherever legally possible. It does not belong in our country.” (Video below)

Merkel allowed almost a million Muslim refugees into the country in 2015, many of them from Syria. After a massive increase in crimes committed by the migrants, especially sexual assaults on women, Merkel’s party took a heavy toll in the elections. That’s when she began changing her tune, saying that it was a mistake to have allowed all of the Muslim refugees in.

owing to populist pressure sweeping Europe regarding Muslim migrants, Merkel’s announcement comes one day after officials revealed the 19-year-old daughter of a high ranking EU official was raped & murdered while on a cycle path in Freiburg, Germany in October.

After being raped, Maria Ladenburger was drowned in the Dreisam river by an Afghan migrant who admitted to the crime.

Merkel’s announcement also comes on the heels of Dutch MPs banning the burka in various public places.

Watch Merkel’s statement.

Via The Sun:

GERMAN premier Angela Merkel called for a ban on the Burka for the first time as she launched a bid to remain in power with a dramatic shift.

Sparking a standing ovation from her CDU Party, the German Chancellor threw her weight behind calls to outlaw the burqa and niqab wherever “possible”.

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She said: “With us, the rule is: show your face, that’s why the full veil is not appropriate, it should be banned.”

The CDU party wants to ban the full face veil in courts, schools and universities as well as in road traffic and during police checks.

Ms Merkel’s blast marks a seismic change in tone from a politician lauded around the world for throwing opening the country’s borders to over a million refugees a year ago.

Just last month Ms Merkel conceded next year’s German Election would be “more difficult” than any she has contested so far given the fallout from the migrant crisis.

After the speech, she was re-elected leader of the CDU party with a whopping 89.5 per cent majority.

While Merkel is the one who caused the problem in the first place by allowing so many Muslim refugees into her country, she’s quickly finding out that Germans are sick of the crimes, the rapes, and the murders committed by Muslims. Germans aren’t going to take it anymore.

Merkel knows if she doesn’t accede to the will of the people, she’ll be out of there, which many are hoping will be the case in the coming elections.

Next year she will face a growing, populist-conservative party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the election. The AfD is opposed to immigration, and wants to ban all burkas, calls to prayer, and mosques in their homeland.


The AfD has grown in popularity because of the refugee crisis, and they now have representatives in ten out of 16 German state parliaments.

No matter what type of party coalition is put together after next year’s election, it looks as if the burka will be banned in Germany – because Germans who were sick of all the BS, spoke up & made their voices be heard.

When idiot politicians overstep their bounds and act as if they know what is best for all of the people, the people strike back at the voting booth – just like Americans did in our election. Perhaps Germans are on the cusp of their own political revolution. It seems to be spreading throughout the West.

Congratulations, Germany, on your coming burka ban! You did it! Keep fighting!

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