Get A Load of This Math Problem Using the ‘Old’ Way and the ‘Common Core’ Way. It’s INSANE…

Clearly, anything liberals touch gets infinitely more complicated, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with our education system. And they think Betsy DeVos is the problem?

Because of liberals, many institutions in America are failing, and that includes education. One example of this is how children are being taught math: the “old” way was simple, but the “new” Common Core way is roundabout and ridiculous.

Photo via Screenshot

Photo via Screenshot

The new way takes up more space and complicates things, and it doesn’t even make sense WHY  you would get the answer that way. For the old way, you use your brain to find the answer, plain and simple.

For some reason in the new method, they’re afraid of subtraction. All of the steps require addition — maybe the subtraction is thought to be too “negative” for the snowflakes? In the example above, they begin with 12 for some reason, the smallest of the numbers, and build on that to reach the larger number, 32.

All of these extra steps eventually add up to the answer, equaling 20. I would hate to see them work a number like 120. How is this easier for children to comprehend? This is a process that I don’t even understand as an adult who is good at math!

This new way of “teaching” was implemented in 2010, so chances are you already know some children who have been taught this new and “improved” way of math. Well, it doesn’t look that way from where I’m sitting. To me, Common Core fails to “improve” anything.

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The next time you’re standing in line at your local fast food joint and are waiting a long time for your change, it’s likely because the kid behind the counter had to get an extra long piece of paper just to compute what you’re supposed to receive back.

This is why it’s a wonderful thing to have a businessman, who actually understands budgeting and finances, in the White House. If it were up to the liberals, doing math would be a day-long chore rather than the quick and simple computing that it should be.

President Trump has proven numerous times that he can do things on budget and on schedule. Before being the president was even a glimmer in his eye, he helped other community projects, such as the New York City ice skating rink that he completed in just six months, whereas, before his help, they had struggled for 12 years trying to complete the project, via New York Times.

Because of Donald Trump’s years of experience, you can bet he is going to fix this Common Core nonsense — and you can take that to the bank. He has vowed to make this country great once more, and that starts with making it more efficient with budgets, finance, and job growth.

This is why the American people elected Donald J. Trump: he’s not some idiot liberal who has to make minuscule problems more difficult with obscure additional steps that only require a simple, one-step solution. Common Core belongs in the trash, right alongside Obamacare, and that’s exactly what President Trump will be doing — taking out the garbage!


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