Gingrich Says Hillary’s ‘Open Borders’ Dream Could Be Her Demise

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich believes a newly leaked email of Hillary Clinton talking to Brazilian bankers will ultimately be the reason she won’t win the presidential election.

Gingrich told Trending Today USA‘s Rusty Humphries that Clinton’s dream for an open border society should be what disqualifies her, and that voters would come to realize this and switch their support to Donald Trump.

“She said my dream is of a Western Hemisphere, without borders,” Gingrich told Humphries. “Six-hundred million people can cross our border because they’ll be no border. This is what she said in a secret speech to Brazilian bankers — this is the real Hillary Clinton. I don’t think she’ll come anywhere close to winning this election.”

Gingrich made similar statements during a Tuesday episode of Fox & Friends and said the media was too concerned with the explicit comments Trump made during a leaked 2005 tape, and also discussed how establishment Republicans were starting to distance themselves from the GOP nominee.

“I think that you either fight or you lose ground, and one of the challenges for Republicans, they are not in the habit of fighting,” Gingrich told Fox & Friends.

Earlier in the week Gingrich issued a warning to House Republicans, saying that if they weren’t going to support Trump, they might as well elect Clinton.

“My only advice to Republican leaders is simple: In the end, you either help defeat Hillary Clinton or you help elect Hillary Clinton,” Gingrich told an online audience on Facebook Live. “If she gets elected, she will be a nightmare, this will be the most corrupt and dishonest administration in American history, and you will find her even harder to work with work with than [President Barack] Obama, because she will simply smother you.”

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Conservative radio host and Fox News personality Sean Hannity asked Gingrich why he was so confident Trump was going to win.


“If this is a historic choice between somebody who ought to be in jail and change, Clinton will be beaten badly,” said Gingrich. “If Trump is as disciplined as he was yesterday in Pennsylvania, if he stays on these themes, my guess is, in the end, he will win.

“And if we can drive that message home to enough people, she will lose in a landslide.”

Hannity also asked Gingrich why he believes Hannity has been criticized for being “too conservative” in this campaign?

“Well listen, you were one of the people who is clearly on the wrong side, according to the elite media, because we are all supposed to fall into the same package, we’re all supposed to do the same thing, and what can I tell ya?” Gingrich said. “It’s … people have to have the courage to do what they think is right. I believe Hillary Clinton would be the most corrupt, and the most dangerous person ever elected president.”

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