Gloria Gaynor Revives MEGA HIT Song to Help Harvey Victims – I Can't Stop Listening to It!

Gloria Gaynor, a singer best known for her disco-era hits from the 1970s, is doing what she can to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Gaynor rewrote her iconic song “I Will Survive,” changing the lyrics to lift the spirits of Texans and raise money for the Red Cross.

The singer, whose voice continues to sound truly amazing, posted the video to social media, singing verses with that familiar rhythm.

“We will strive
And you’ll survive
With all our love and help and praise we will stand strongly by your side.”

The video is accompanied by a plea for donations to the Red Cross …


Gloria Gaynor tweeted a very special video for Texans on Wednesday evening.

Gaynor sang a rewrite of her famous song “I Will Survive” with a few changes dedicated to her “neighbors in Texas” dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Gaynor said she hoped the song would “cheer you up just a little bit.”

It’s so great to see Gaynor use her fame and talent to raise funds for disaster relief after Hurricane Harvey. You know, an actual worthy cause.

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As opposed to Hollywood liberals who used the song to console each other after the election of President Trump.


Instead, Gaynor figured out a way to use the song for something good.

Such a simple gesture, but powerful enough to help donations pour into the Red Cross. We’re tipping our hat to Gaynor.

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