Gorgeous Model REFUSES to Wear Islamic Clothes, What Happened Next Is HEARTBREAKING

Muslim women are treated like property by the laws of their culture, at best. If a woman decides to rebel against those laws, she risks losing everything — and justice may never be served, if the police in charge are also Islamic dogmatists.

Vogue cover model Raudha Athif refused to wear Muslim garments and may have been killed for standing up for her beliefs. Athif’s family revealed the police authorities in India have ruled the death of the 21-year-old woman a suicide — but many believe she was murdered for defying the dictates of Islam. (via Breitbart)

“Her style of clothing was branded as ‘immodest’ and ‘un-Islamic,’ even though she adhered to the dress code on the college premises by wearing a veil covering her face,” Mohamed Athif, the model’s father, said. “But she was criticized for wearing jeans and was repeatedly told she couldn’t wear them at the Muslim college – which has a lot of extremist connections and support.”

“We primarily suspect it is a suicide case,” Zillur Rahman, the man in charge of the Shah Makhdum Police Station, said. Raudha Athif was a successful young model from the Maldives.

The Vogue model’s brother, who is Muslim, vehemently insists Raudha was murdered. Raudha’s brother strongly feels her murder was only made to look like a suicide to cover up what really happened.

“There have been a series of murders in Bangladesh which have been staged to look like suicides and Islamic extremists have been suspected to be behind these atrocities,” the model’s 18-year-old brother, Rayyan Athif, said during an interview with the Sun.

Bangladesh officials completed their autopsy, ruled the death a suicide, and then had the body quickly buried. Raudha’s dad also doesn’t believe the suicide determination is valid.

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 The model’s classmates discovered her body inside a dorm room in the middle of last week. Raudha Athif was a second-year student at the Islami Bank Medical College.

Her body was found hanging inside the dorm room on the Rahshahi City College campus. Police officers from Maldives reportedly coordinated the controversial investigation with the Rajshahi Metropolitan Police – RMP.

An assistant commissioner of the RMP, Amin Hossain, admitted there is a 50 percent chance the model’s death was not a suicide. The woman who runs the housing facility where female college students live said Raudha “always looked happy,” and found it hard to believe the young woman killed herself.

A photographer known as Sotti gave the model her first big break. The photo, called, “Maldivian Girl With Aqua Blue Eyes” went viral, and was even heralded by the former president of the Maldives.

The photo was taken in 2014 and launched what had looked like a promising career in the fashion world. Raudha landed the cover of Vogue India last fall.


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