GQ Magazine Gives Hillary MAJOR Award, Trump Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

The liberal media seems determined to pull Hillary Clinton down with them into the mud. Here’s the most hilarious example of that yet.

Hillary made GQ’s list of the “least influential people of 2016,” described as a “comprehensive, anger-fueled list of everyone who ruined our year.” The list was written by a liberal, Drew Magary, and also features Tim Kaine. (via GQ)

“It’s Donald Trump!” Magary wrote. “I genuinely doubt whether that man can tie his own shoes, and he still beat her.”

Magary stated that he hated to include her but felt that he had no choice. I find it hilarious that Magary hates on other liberals for turning on Hillary like “pit vipers” after she lost and then goes ahead and eviscerates her himself. Oh yes, he stuck a knife in her back big time.

“Would it have killed you to visit Wisconsin, Hillary? I know it’s full of fat people and bad pretzels, but sometimes you gotta come out of your fundraising hole and kiss some babies. I’ll never get over it,” Magary added.

In regards to Tim Kaine, Clinton’s essentially absentee running mate, Magary remarked that Kaine seemed to vanish after the election, like he never existed in the first place.

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Indeed, the Vice-Presidential Candidate may not have existed, if you consider the hilarious low turnout of his rallies, where he was lucky to make double-digits.

GQ also turned their focus over to Anthony Weiner. The former Congressman, being investigated for pedophilia related charges, certainly deserves any disdain thrown his way. But “least influential?” I don’t know about that. The contents of his laptop certainly helped to turn the tide of the presidential election. I’d call that influential.

Here’s what Magary calls him: “You idiot. You breathtaking, unbelievable idiot. Don’t even talk to us right now. Don’t even look at us. You should just go lock yourself in the pantry and stay there until we tell you to come out, which will be never.”

Personally, I prefer to think Weiner is an idiot, and highly immoral, if he’s guilty of the horrible charges being pressed against him. I’m not angry at him for bringing our attention back to the Clinton email scandal, which Magary seem to be implying. That may be the most moral thing the man has ever, inadvertently, done.

Either way, its absolutely hilarious to see these three pinned on GQ’s least influential list. Let’s hope they stay on that list for many, many years to come!


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