GRAPHIC VIDEO – Thug Corners Elderly White Woman, Then Does The UNTHINKABLE

Since the election, there have been many American on American attacks. This latest one seems to be instigated by nothing at all.

This woman, who is filming herself on her phone, seems to demand some sort of apology before tasering an old woman repeatedly.

The events surrounding this attack are hazy and mostly unknown. It does, however, seem to fit the pattern of liberals harming other people for absolutely no reason.

This attack is just down right appalling — who would just randomly attack someone? Why was she demanding an apology? Why did she feel the need to not only attack an old woman but shock her with hundreds of volts. That could have stopped her heart.

Anyone who has ever experienced this knows that a taser is very painful and incapacitating, and this woman was shocked multiple times! I’m surprised she’s still standing.

It’s ironic that liberals want weapons, mostly guns, taken away, yet they are the ones who abuse them. Or they support those who abuse them like illegal aliens or thugs.

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The attacker brazenly posted this video on Facebook. What is it with today’s society? Not only do they have to post the most asinine things, such as what they had for breakfast this morning or their progress in their weight loss routine, but they also post the horrible crimes they commit.

These attacks against fellow Americans need to end. The tension should be over because we already have our president. It’s all said and done. Who you voted for should not warrant whether or not you get assaulted in the streets, but that’s exactly what liberals are doing nowadays.

They are rioting, protesting, and screaming at people who don’t believe as they do. They’re burning flags and making our streets dangerous. Even during the election, people stole Trump signs and tried to discredit our opinions.

This type of behavior is inexcusable, and I hope the police identify this attacker and charge her for her crimes. You can’t just taser people for sport.

Liberal attacks need to stop. We need to unite and to come together under our new president.


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