Greg Gutfeld Slams Rachel Maddow over Failing on Trump’s Tax Returns Report


Lots of people have taken aim at MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow since her embarrassingly ineffectual report about president Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return, but no one can deliver a punch quite like Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.

During “The Greg Gutfeld Show” Saturday, the outspoken host went straight into just what a debacle Maddow’s “scoop” was and compared it to some others in the past, including the least inspiring moments of Geraldo Rivera, who can now breathe a little easier knowing he has been finally outdone by Maddow, whom Gutfeld said put the “mad” in “Maddow.”

The political pundit poked fun at the idea that while North Korea threatens the rest of the world with nuclear war, Maddow is teasing the country with some tidbits from Trump’s tax returns.


Gutfeld compared Maddow’s letdown to the embarrassing “Fuller House” remake, Pierce Brosnan’s performance in “Mamma Mia,” or even worse — YouTube foul-ups that have horrible outcomes.

She even tried to blame her viewers for expecting too much from her over-hyped “scoop,” but it was her own fault for insinuating that she had an earth-shattering discovery that would point to some kind of wrongdoing by Trump.

All it did was prove how the left will inadvertently discredit itself while trying to discredit Trump. Trump, as it turns out, made lots of money and paid lots of tax.

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Take a look at how Gutfeld tears into Maddow, which occurs the first few minutes of the video below:

It’s hard to disagree with him on any of this, especially when he spoke about what Maddow and MSNBC got out of the entire debacle — ratings. The show garnered some 3.7 million viewers, which Gutfeld claimed made the anti-Trump host more of a capitalist than Lou Dobbs.

Which brings us back to the utter hypocrisy of liberals.


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