Greta on Streisand’s Threat to Flee the U.S. if Trump Wins: ‘Give It a Rest’

Greta Van Susteren reacted to Barbra Streisand’s threat to leave the country if Donald Trump gets elected, saying the singer-actress should “give it a rest.”

“Streisand is the latest big celebrity to threaten the rest of us mere Americans,” Greta said. “And that threat is apparently supposed to upset you.”

Greta said that Streisand threatens to move to Canada or Australia “as though that really matters to the rest of us, or even to the poor languishing in the inner urban areas who can’t afford to buy her music.”

“She does have a beautiful voice, but that’s now how to use it.”

Greta said that the country should focus on working together to fix big problems and remember, to paraphrase you-know-who, that “people need people.”

“And we need people who are really working to help, not just making idle threats and quitting when things don’t go their way.”

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