Gun-Grabber Group Shows How CLUELESS They Are About Guns In Humiliating Tweet

Ironically, while anti-gun organizations are on a crusade to enlighten and educate the public on the deadliness of guns, they’re often completely uneducated on the subject themselves. Take Everytown for Gun Safety, for instance, which recently shared an embarrassing anti-gun article that was accompanied by an even more embarrassing photo.

Over the weekend, Everytown tweeted a link to a Newsweek article spouting the racist message that arming teachers will precipitate them to shoot “black and brown children,” because minority children are more likely to be suspended/disciplined than white children.

But while that assumption is disgusting and abhorrent, it might not be the worst thing about that tweet. Look again – there’s something very wrong with the accompanying picture. Do you see it?

The bullet is loaded into the magazine backwards.

Of course, it didn’t take people long to point out the error.

The problem with anti-gun organizations like Everytown is summed up perfectly in that final tweet: they’re attempting to educate the public on something which they know absolutely nothing about themselves.

Source: RedState

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