He Stops Career to Care for Sick Wife. Now, NBA Star Returns with News That STUNS America

Professional NBA athlete Jrue Holiday has been through a lot within the past few months. During summer 2016, Holiday’s wife and retired USA soccer player, Lauren, was diagnosed with a tumor on the right side of her brain when she was six months pregnant.

In September, the starting point guard released a statement that he was taking leave from the New Orleans Pelicans to attend to his wife’s health needs. At the time, Holiday told Nola.com: “Obviously, we were and are still very excited about the birth of our first child … Our priorities right now are being able to manage Lauren’s symptoms and still have a fairly healthy pregnancy.”

The couple welcomed a healthy baby girl later that month, and Lauren eventually went through brain surgery in October. It seemed as if things were working out just fine.

Holiday did what he needed to do for his family, and after three months of being away from his passion, he was back in the game. In November, the basketball player returned to the court with the support of his team and coach.

Now, after all he’s been through, Holiday wants to give back to someone else who may need a helping hand. He has vowed to make donations to victims who were affected by severe tornadoes in New Orleans, Louisiana this past February.

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According to NBA.com, the basketball star “pledged $1,000 per point and assist when the Pelicans play host to the San Antonio Spurs in front of a national television audience … on Friday, March 3 at the Smoothie King Center.”

This proposed fundraiser is not a gimmick, but it definitely may be a challenge. Holiday’s reason behind it is very sincere, and he just wants to make a positive impact on the community he plays for at a professional level.

Holiday told NBA.com, “It’s a shame that in the matter of minutes these storms produced such violent tornadoes that literally upended the lives of so many residents of New Orleans … I’ve been impressed with how our city and its residents have responded to those in need and this is my way of helping out.”

He plans to partner with The Greater New Orleans Foundation Tornado Relief Fund, a nonprofit organization created to support families significantly impacted by damaging natural disasters. The team’s president, Dennis Lauscha, supposes Holiday’s giving gesture “bears witness to the importance that our players put on their relationship with New Orleans.”

Holiday had all the support he could ever ask for from his team and fans when he was dealing with personal family concerns. It’s admirable that the all-star player wants to do the same and return the favor to someone else in need.

Sometimes it takes obstacles in life to show us how important it is for people to be kind and helpful to one another. I think Holiday has realized that when someone helps you in your time of need, you should pay it forward.

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