Here's How President Trump Is Winning the Liberal Statue War!

The way you have to look at any situation is through the lens of common sense, not through an emotional canvas. When you do that, you quickly realize that President Trump is winning the statue destruction argument.

“How so?” you might ask. Well, it’s simple.

Leftists and anti-Trumpers are showing regular everyday Americans how much they hate this country and its historical past. These anarchists are willing to destroy national monuments and statues. They don’t care about history, or family, or our shared country.

As you know, tearing down a statue doesn’t change anything. But when it’s caught on camera, it shows just how intolerant and ignorant these vandals truly are.

Think about it like this: For the last few months, Democrats have been talking about how they need to re-brand their party and give it a new direction. Now, the same Democrats are backing these out-of-control kids who are throwing tantrums, tearing down beautiful pieces of art.

They think they are defeating Trump’s agenda and rallying their base. But it’s having the opposite effect.

James S. Robbins of USA Today explains more:

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Polling gives reason for skepticism. An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll last week found that 62% of respondents thought statues honoring leaders of the Confederacy should “remain as a historical symbol.” Only 27% of those polled wanted the statues removed, and presumably they vote Democratic anyway. Perhaps party leaders see this issue as a way to motivate the minority base that failed to energize for Hillary Clinton, but even among African Americans, a 44% plurality said let the statues stay. So it’s just bad politics.

The liberal heroes of the hour are not dead white slave-owning presidents but the angry young street activists. For example, the radicals who pulled down the Confederate statue in Durham, N.C., who are affiliated with the socialist revolutionary Workers World Party. Also the thuggish “antifa” (anti-facist) movement, which helped organize demonstrations in Boston last weekend.

Meanwhile, Trump is free to talk about infrastructure programs, border control, tax cuts, the war on terrorism and other policy issues that voters care about. And if it looks like Democrats aren’t bursting with enough toxic anger, he can send radical left-wing mobs into the streets with a well-timed tweet.

I hate to see great historic monuments harmed. But if it ends up helping President Trump, I guess there is a silver lining to the mindless destruction.

Let’s not forget the media. They love stirring up hatred if it means a good story. But who ends up winning in the end? That’s right: Donald Trump.

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